Blondes have more fun!

On April 9th, I started my day with my daily face routine, took a hot shower and popped my daily morning vitamins. I was feeling good but the weather wasn't cute enough for me to go outside. Instead, I went searching through my closet for the perfect wig. I found a super long blonde wig and decided to wear it with a cute pink one piece outfit.

Once I was dressed and took a glimpse in the mirror, I felt incredibly sexy. I couldn't help but to remember what my mother told me “Blondes have more fun” along with a pastime of me in Florida walking down by the shops on Clearwater beach.

I'm wearing the following lipstick in the photos above.

As Clearwater Beach appears to be a predominantly Caucasian area, I don't blame them for locking eyes on me and stopping before me with a gaze of pleasure. I doubt often do Clearwater Beach get blessed with the sight of a then 440 pound Bodacious Black Woman. I had shoulder length bright blonde hair and I wore a salmon colored dress with my cleavage sitting high.

As some of the ladies smiled, many of the men paused in amazement. Unfortunately, some of the guys was with their significant other that looked pretty pissed off to see their men eyes glued on me. I simply loved all of the attention and Clearwater Beach easily became my favorite beach to visit in the United States.

While Instagram got to enjoy a few of the new blonde photos, my true fans enjoyed the explicit content on Onlyfans. Check it out and leave a tip under your favorite post.


Beverly Blue

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